Hi, my name is Opal.

This is my Story,

How I got started.

I have been working as a professional photographer for 15 years. My grandfather was also a photographer. Photography has always been something that came natural to me and has consistently kept my interest. I started shooting weddings after my son was born in 2005. I was looking for a way to do what I love and become more available for my baby at the same time. I have always been someone who works hard, stays focus and makes things happen. So starting my own business just happened so naturally. From the very start people began complimenting me on being so very fun and easy to work with. They said I made them feel at ease and that I was capturing so many great moments and memories. I ended up falling in love with this new career choice. Over the first few years I would shoot hundreds of weddings. I don't think I really noticed I was running my own business until a few years into it. I was just getting paid to do what I loved.

Why weddings?

Well, I love to photograph moments and emotion. I like candid photos. I love to take photos that tell a story. A dress is pretty, a ring is beautiful, details are great and important yes, but catching Grandma laugh as she watches kids dance around the dancefloor is priceless. Catching photos of him holding back tears as he watches you walk toward him. priceless. Capturing the love and connection between two people in a single photograph is powerful. Photos of your dad getting choked up while he makes his toast! These are the moments. Weddings are full of moments like these. Moments that even after 16 years of shooting still get me emotional. Some moments are not heart wrenching. Some are hilarious! It's all these moments in time that make up a wedding and make up the memories. Portraits, Details and Candid's. That's what it's all about plus more candid's :)

What is your Style?

Oh the question that everyone asks. Style. Well like I mention above in the Why Wedding section. That's part of "my shooting style'. That's what I shoot for, that's why I shoot. I also want to point out that what you see online as someone's "style" has almost entirely to do with how someone edits their photos. While there are endless ways to edit photos now days I really appreciate looking at a wedding collection and being able to see it's true color. Seeing a blue sky blue and a white dress white. Not pink, orange or something else that looks filtered. I can appreciate these filtered looks and the artistic intention of these edits however, my style of editing is a more true color, true to real life look. That doesn't mean I don't have a little fun and create some artistic versions of my work as well. Because I surely do. But you wont find your entire wedding collection with a themed pastel or dark moody feel. You will get everything in a true color edit and anything that I create into an artistic look will be a duplicated copy of that image. Giving me the space to be creative with some of the photos, but also leaving you the original image. Remember what may seem trendy now as far as filtered photos go, might not be favorable 30 years from now when you want to look back on your day.

Who shoots for Sweetbay?

Short answer, mostly me...

We offer both photo and video. I did dabble a bit in video for a while, but I leave the video shooting up to those who do that best. My talent is geared toward photography. So for video I have a team to handle it. I can edit video just fine so I let them do the shooting and I do the editing. This allows me to keep the video pricing down.

For the photography I do most of the shooting. Sometimes the year gets super busy and I will send out someone from my team to shoot photos either as my second shooter or as a lead shooter for dates that I am already booked. I leave space in my life for important things that come up for my son so on those days my team will cover me as well. But in all scenarios I do all of the planning, editing and delivery. That being said I shoot about 80% of the events. If someone from my team shoots you are not at a loss. My team is strong. They are full time shooters for their own businesses and do nothing but make me look good. They shoot with the same enthusiasm, experience, knowledge and style as myself. They are for a lack of a better word my doubles. I rely on them with 100% confidence and have had nothing but great reviews.

What Else?

I am a mom to 3 dogs and a 14 year old and life is sweet. When I find myself some free time between shooting weddings I tend to shoot some pretty awesome scenery and nature shots. During the spring and fall I have a huge following of families that I take photos with every year.

I love my job. Is this a job? Now go email me already. I promise I wont let ya down.

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