Covid-19 Questions

What if my event has to cancel due to Covid?

Many people have had to reschedule their wedding date due to the current pandemic. Some have chosen to scale down to a back yard size celebration, others have chosen to wait util 2021 and 2022 and some are not sure what move to make quite yet. While your deposit is non refundable, I am allowing all of my couples to use that deposit toward any new date they choose in the future, Not only move it once, but you are free to move it around several times until a new date sticks in place for you to have your wedding as planned. Some have had to move a few times already. I know times are uncertain so I am going with the flow just as you are.

Will you wear a mask?

Yes, My team and I will always wear a mask and practice being 6 feet apart when possible at an event to be respectful and safe during these times.

Do we have to wear a mask?

No. You may decide if you would prefer to wear a mask or not for your wedding day. We will keep our distance and use safe judgment in group situations when masks are not worn.

If you have ideas for questions that I might add here to help others who are planning during this pandemic please email them to me at